Are you an IT reseller or service company?

The role of the Partner is central for us: we entrust you with the development of the market in your area and with the fundamental work of local customer support.

We are committed to providing you with products, solutions and all the supports useful for the growth of your structure.

We offer you a partnership based on professional ethics, contractual clarity, defined incentives, certain margins and sharing of tools.

Designed to fit your business.




LECS offers retailers a partnership program designed to provide:

  • Numerous incentives and business opportunities
  • Highly specialized training courses
  • Continuous updates on products and solutions
  • Sales and marketing support and technical assistance

Our dedicated MSP Partner program ensures maximum effectiveness in confronting and stopping the latest cyber threats.

  • Comprehensive cybersecurity platform with artificial intelligence technologies and remediation advice
  • Flexible pricing to drive business growth and simplify license management
  • Integration options with leading vendors and technical documentation

We offer specific white labeling solutions to System Integrators and Tech Providers to implement LECS technology without constraints.
It is particularly useful for manufacturers of 4.0 machines or integration with proprietary systems.

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Broaden your know-how by participating in training modules reserved for our Partners.

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