Our Advanced Service

Cyber security goes far beyond a simple SOC.

Why it helps Companies and Government

Hybrid Intelligence 

We called it Hybrid SOC because a type of service that combines the best aspects of current technologies of active monitoring and human review of LOGs with active-type OSINT data matching.

We perform not only routine checks and related suggestions, but provide pro-active feedback.


Human Support

Despite the necessary presence of automated aspects and intelligent algorithms, cyber security is a posture.

That is why we have chosen to actively support companies, becoming not suppliers, but partners.

Beyond prevention

Acting sooner is a tactical advantage.

That is why with our prediction systems based on real data from our client, we provide the necessary remediations before a threat occurs.

Our staff will provide the correct posture for each requirement.


We use real data to provide our clients with a prediction of key cyber risks to support optimal 'risk analysis. Supporting CSIRT and MSSP teams.


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