LECS | Detection & Response

LECS is a Plug and Play Detection & Response device, which protects any LAN network from the most dangerous cyber attacks with patented countermeasure system.



The detection engine analyzes traffic, internal movements and what’s coming in from outside, and once an anomaly is detected, it ranks it based on the impact of the network anomaly.


In case the threat is dangerous for your data, LECS intervenes progressively through a particular patented procedure that aims to block the threat.


The countermeasure technology is modular, called “CyberFog”, it takes its cue from the physical foggers used as anti-intrusion defense systems. This approach is very effective, performing an injection of specific packets inside the LAN, aimed at creating a real “freeze” lasting a few seconds, in order to counter the threat.All logs generated by LECS are conveniently visible from the dedicated Web App that keeps track of what happens in the network and periodically sends reports on the network health status.


LECS + | Detection & Advanced Response

LECS+ supports the same technology as the procedural model while also integrating the energy disconnect countermeasure.

Energy disconnection allows to perform an automatic electrical Air-Gap to safeguard and protect 100% of the attacked network segment.

Acting up to level 1 of the ISO/OSI stack and thus intervening on a physical security plane, or as we call it a “Level-Zero“, because you could not do more. Acting so low level, allows to secure obviously everything above the stack.

LECS-V Cloud & SaaS

LECS-V | Server & Cloud Protection


LECS-V is the abstraction of the core of physical devices, adapted to virtual applications.

The solution allows you to benefit from all the advantages of LECS technology, including the Specto, Raises and Tiresia algorithms with the same detection, response & prediction performance of cyber threats.

This technology marries with the whole world of Cloud network infrastructures as well as virtualized infrastructures in local area networks.

The virtual system is modular, it is possible to install it in the main server and optionally, in case of networks with many VPNs, also in-host.

Moreover the LOG management and archiving works with the same interface of the physical devices.

LECS 4.0

Lecs SaaS

LECS 4.0 | Custom Rack Protection

LECS 4.0 is the perfect integration of LECS technology combined with the needs of industries and connected machinery 4.0.

The solution is customizable ad-hoc on the target OT network with the most advanced functions.

The compact 1-unit standard rack design allows perfect installation on any cabinet.

It fully supports industrial protocols SCADA, Modbus, Industrial IoT and much more.