Plug&Play basic detection and response device that protects any LAN from the most dangerous cyber attacks with patented countermeasure system.


The detection engine analyzes traffic, internal movements, and what comes in from outside, and once an anomaly is detected, it ranks it according to the impact of the network anomaly.


In the event that the threat is dangerous to your data, LECS takes progressive action through a special patented procedure designed to block the threat.


Device that supports the same technology as the procedural model while also integrating energy disconnection countermeasure.

Energetic countermeasure

Energy Disconnection allows an automatic electrical Air-Gap to be performed to safeguard and protect 100% of the attacked network segment.

By acting up to layer 1 of the ISO/OSI stack and thus intervening on a physical security plane, it goes to block any activity of that runs in the background.


Device similar to the Lecs+ model. It has the utility of being placed inside its own Rack cabinet, supporting multiple devices.

Energetic countermeasure

Power disconnection is also present on this device allowing an automatic electrical Air-Gap to be performed to safeguard and protect 100% of the attached network segment.

Supplied will be brackets to give the ability to fit it inside the rack cabinet.


Detection more powerful due to the performance of this device.

Parallel stop

Energy disconnection is replaced by a more efficient procedural disconnection procedure, working with more performance by blocking threats with 3 RJ-45 ports.

Lecs Core


Virtualized technology

Our advanced technology is characterized by exceptional versatility, enabling complete and smooth integration into all kinds of virtual environments. This adaptability ensures total and reliable protection, making our system ideal for a wide range of applications, including industrial-level machinery and IoT devices. The security we offer extends to all aspects of the digital environment, providing users with the peace of mind they need to work and interact online, as well as protecting critical infrastructure, with maximum security.


LECS is designed to fit flexibly and efficiently within any IT environment, either through embedded integration directly into devices or by connecting to SIEM systems. This integration capability allows LECS to enrich the functionality of security systems with its advanced threat detection and response technology.

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