Lecs is what you needed.


The blackbox inspects any type of IT and OT network without being configured.


Productivity remains unaffected: the device works in stealth with the other security systems already in place.


Each LOG detected by the device is validated within its own blockchain.


Ensures standards to European and international data processing regulations.


Fully automated updates and countermeasures.


With its AI it is able to deeply analyze what is happening in the network and behave accordingly.

AI at the service of Lecs

Specto’s Hidden Analysis Classification Logging (HACL) model is at the heart of fully automated real-time threat detection and management operations. Its stealth approach allows it to remain hidden and work in parallel with the network, without impeding normal operations, all while the ‘advanced algorithm analyzes and classifies threats and anomalies on the network in real time.

All operations are supported by the intelligent Tiresia algorithm, which continuously learns and improves not only detection but also future attack predictions. In fact, it is the first digital intelligence that goes beyond prevention itself, making true cyber threat predictions, thereby greatly increasing the detection capabilities of the entire ecosystem.

In the event that a high-risk criticality is detected, the Raises automatic countermeasure intervenes with a procedural and adaptive response called, going over several response steps to the last defense of the patented energy response in the most critical cases. Such technology enables fully automatic energy Air Gaps to isolate and secure the target network segment.

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LECS is designed to fit flexibly and efficiently within any IT environment, either through embedded integration directly into devices or by connecting to SIEM systems. This integration capability allows LECS to enrich the functionality of security systems with its advanced threat detection and response technology.

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