A unique defensive approach in the World.
Inspired by aeronautics, a "Plug & Secure" device took shape, not pass-thru, with a stealth approach in the detection phase but active in countermeasure against threats, acting progressively up to level 1 of the ISO / OSI stack and at the same time providing immediate LOG-Management.

IPS e IDS Reinvented

LECS technology was born to give a capillary, immediate and effective answer to the problem of cyber security, in every environment of use and application.

We have revolutionized the world of IP|ID-S, managing and knocking down the implementation obstacles of these articulated traffic control systems, making them implementable without any particular technical know-how.

We wanted to improve many aspects related to this specific category of approach to cyber security, extending not only the ability to be distributed, but also the powerful and unique in the world automatic countermeasure and Cyber Forecast algorithm, both innovations recognized by patent.

The LECS architecture uses advanced, unique and differentiated technologies

 to deliver broad-spectrum cyber security today and into the future.

Specto, the Hidden Analysis Classification Logging (HACL) model is the heart of fully automated real-time threat detection and management operations. Its stealth approach allows it to remain hidden and work in parallel with the network, without hindering normal operations, all while the advanced algorithm analyzes and classifies threats and anomalies on the network in real time.

In case a high risk criticality is detected, Raises automatic countermeasure intervenes with a procedural and adaptive response called, going through different response steps until the last defense of the patented energy response in the most critical cases. This technology enables fully automatic energy air gaps to isolate and secure the target network segment.

All operations are supported by the intelligent Tiresia algorithm, which continuously learns and improves not only detection, but also future attack predictions. In fact, it is the first digital intelligence that goes beyond prevention itself, making real cyber threat predictions, thus greatly increasing the detection capabilities of the entire ecosystem.

LECS, integrated with other security measures such as firewall and anti-malware, can be used as a standalone SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) for internal network traffic and allows a remote monitoring for SOC (Security Operation Center) needs, allowing also a redundant LOG Storage of all anomalies useful for statistical purposes and analysis, as well as in compliance with GDPR/16 privacy regulations and actively support various ISO certification.